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Aluminafilm is a solution which forms a film that upon heating to 400oC decomposes to yield a thin film of alumina (A1203).


Aluminafilm is applied by spinning. At a spin speed of 5000 rpm the alumina film which results after baking at 400oC for 1 hour in air or in oxidizing atmosphere exhibits a thickness of 1200 angstroms and an index of refraction of 1.53. Aluminafilm will adhere to most surfaces regardless of whether the surface is hydrophilic or hydrophobic.

Aluminafilm is etched extremely rapidly in diluted HF solution. In 5 percent ammonium hydroxide solution at 25oC, the etch is 1000 angstroms per minute.


The concentration of metallic contaminants is determined by atomic absorption the limits are as follows:

Na less than 1 ppm
Fe less than 1 ppm
Ni less than 1 ppm
Cu less than 1 ppm
Mn less than 1 ppm
Au less than 1 ppm
Ag less than 1 ppm
Zn less than 1 ppm

Aluminafilm is acidic and protective glasses should be worn during use.

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