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Goldsilicafilm with Phosphorous is a formulation which permits one to control the minority carrier lifetime during the emitter diffusion process in n-p-n devices. On long standing phosphorous will reduce the gold in Goldsilicafilm with Phosphorous yielding gold metal which will precipitate from solution. To prevent this occurrence, Goldsilicafilm with Phosphorous is prepared as a two solution material marked GOLDSILICAFILM with Phosphorous "A" and GOLDSILICAFILM with Phosphorous "B". Prior to used equal quantities of both materials by weight or by volume are mixed and allowed to stand for one hour. A quantity sufficient for 2 to 3 days should be mixed.

Goldsilicafilm with Phosphorous should be dispensed with a glass or plastic eyedropper. Avoid steel, copper or stainless steel pipettes since the material is corrosive. The wafer should be flooded with solution. Spin speed in the range of 3000 to 6000 rpm should be employed. Typical diffusion results are as follows:

Atmosphere N2:O2 - 4:1
Diffusion Time 1 Hour
Diffusion Temperature 1050oC
Sheet Resistivity 7 Ohms/square
Gold Concentrations 1016 atoms/cm3

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