ems1146bottle.jpg (17940 bytes)EMS 1146

EMS 1146 Protective Coating for Laser Scribing is a non-hazardous, water-based polymer solution which is applied over a ceramic, metal or plastic, yielding a film which protects the surface from debris resulting from laser drilling, machining or scribing.

EMS 1146 is easily applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. If required, Emulsitone can adjust the formulation for screen-printing or automatic coating applications. Brushes, rollers, pans, etc. clean easily in hot, flowing water.

The curing process causes cross-linking of the polymer film on your surface. Suppose you wish to protect a ceramic surface while drilling holes. The simplest process is to spray-coat the substrate and let it air dry. After it is dry to the touch, do your lasing. The rinse process is also simple. Hot water flowing from the tap should suffice.

Emulsitone also sells EMS 1146 with Red Dye. The dye has no effect whatsoever on the laser efficacy, nor on the protective capability of the polymer film. The dye makes it easy to determine the removal of the polymer film during rinsing. The rinse water will start reddish, quickly turn pink, then turn clear as all polymer is removed.