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Emulsitone Solution #187 is a solution designed to produce a thin glassy layer for use in tri level photoprocessing, when a positive photo resist is used as the imaging layer. SiO2 layers as produced by Silicafilm 13 prove inadequate for this specific system since the SiO2 is dissolved by the alkaline developers used with positive photo resists. Films of Emulsitone Solution #187 are insoluble in alkaline solutions as used for positive resist develolpers.

Physical Properties Of Solution

Density: 0.834 +/- .02 at 25oC

Viscosity: 1.64 cp +/- .1 at 25oC

Contaminant Limits

Na < 1 ppm Cu < 1 ppm
Fe < 1 ppm Ni < 1 ppm
Mn < 1 ppm Zn < 1 ppm

Film Deposition & Properties

Emulsitone Solution #187 is applied by spinning. The planarizing layer which may consist of a thick layer of positive resist or of a polyimide should be well densified prior to application of the Emulsitone Solution #187. Spinning at 3000 rpm will yield a 1700 angstrom film which will reduce to a thickness of 600 angstroms after densification at 200oC.

The film of Emulsitone Solution #187 is insoluable in 5% ammonium hydroxide solution and will etch in a buffered HF solution at approximately 500 angstroms/minute. The film will not be affected by an oxygen plasma.

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