ems205.jpg (23661 bytes)EMS 205 Diffusion Kit

Consists of one bottle of Borofilm 100 and one bottle of Phosphorosilicafilm 5 x 1020. Processed on suitable wafers, these formulations will demonstrate the PN junction, PNP and NPN junctions. You can do both Gaussian and two-step, limited-source diffusions. You can create resistors, diodes, SCRs, etc.

EMS 316 Solar Cell Kit

Consists of one bottle of Phosphorosilicafilm 3 x 1020 dopant source and one bottle of Titaniumsilicafilm Type "C" antireflective coating. Solar cells are fun to make in a laboratory environment. There is something oddly empowering when a student converts light to electrical energy. This is also an excellent mechanism for introducing students to real-world analysis of productivity improvements and cost-efficiency.

Each two-ounce bottle of material will provide approximately 20 – 30 applications on a four-inch wafer. Each kit also contains application instructions and charts with anticipated resistance and junction depth results for various temperature and time recipes. In addition, each kit comes packaged in an attractive cardboard tube with a screw-on metal cap. This makes our kits easy to identify and hard to lose in your laboratory. Emulsitone guarantees all materials in these kits for 3 months from date of manufacture.

Finally, we invite you to check out the Modu-lab User Group, a really useful site for information about microfabrication basic training. Our link-partner sells fabrication equipment designed for hands-on classroom environments. The site also links to semiconductor educators, process and safety data, and dopant, photo-resist and wafer suppliers.

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EMS 205 and EMS 316 Kits Pricing