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EMS #210 is similar in characteristics to EMS #209 excepting the EMS #210 forms a ridge free 5000 Angstrom film with a single application. The solution is free of any contaminants which can be deleterious to semiconductor devices.


Density: .972 gm/cm3 @ 25oC

Viscosity: 2.3 cp @ 25oC


Na < 1 ppm Cu < 1 ppm
K < 1 ppm Mn < 1 ppm
Ni < 1 ppm Au < 1 ppm
Fe < 1 ppm Al < 1 ppm


Apply sufficient EMS #210 to cover the entire substrate, and spin at 3000 rpm 20-30 seconds. Bake 60 minutes at 150oC and then 60 minutes at 400-500oC. The glass film will "flow" at temperatures above 400oC and will form a flat, uniform pinhole free surface. Using the above method EMS #210 may be used in successive applications to form films one micron or greater. Should thinner films be desirable we recommend contacting Emulsitone for the proper diluent for EMS #210 as improper diluting will result in non-uniformity and ridge will appear. Some striations may be observed in the film immediately after spinning, these are easily removed when the film is baked at 400oC or higher. Some slight smoking will be noticed when the film is baked. This is simply excess solvent evaporating.

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