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EMS 827 is a solution which yields a glass film approximately 8500 angstroms thick when applied by spinning at 3000 rpm. The film formed with EMS 827 consists of SiO2 with 4% by weight of boron and 4% by weight of phosphorous. The solution is intended for use in those applications where it is required that large topological variations be reduced. As such, it is used before metallization where the silicon wafer will tolerate elevated temperature.


The solution is applied by spinning either static or dynamic. At 3000 rpm a film will form in 15 seconds of spinning. After spinning the film is densified at 150oC for 45 minutes in air.

The wafers coated with the densified film are then annealed at higher temperatures to harden the glass and to reduce the etch rate. At 1000oC for one hour in an atmosphere consisting of 97% N2 + 3% O2, a dense film will result which will exhibit a film thickness of 8500 angstroms and an index of refraction of 1.46. The densified film can be etched in HF solution. In a 5% HF solution the etch rate of the film annealed at 1000oC will exhibit an etch rate of 35 angstroms/sec. Lower annealing temperatures will yield faster etch rates.


EMS 827 consists of a solution of silicon compounds in ethyl alcohol and ethyl acetate. At room temperature and at the 150oC baking temperature, the volatile products are the alcohol and acetate solvents. The solution is flammable. As far as is known the solution is safe to use, but with the usual cautions exercised with any laboratory chemical.


All apparatus on which the EMS 827 solution has dried may be cleaned by dipping in a solution of methanol + .1% HF.

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