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Palladiumfilm is a solution designed to produce pure metallic palladium films. The solution is coated on the substrate by spinning. A film results which consists of a polymer with palladium dissolved in it. By heating the film to temperatures in excess of 300oC in air, or an oxidizing medium, one obtains a brownish film of palladium oxide. The palladium oxide film is the converted to metallic palladium by heating at 400oC or higher, in forming gas (93% N2-7% H2), for a few minutes. The metallic palladium film which results when the solution is spun at 1000 rpm is about 100 angstroms thick and exhibits a sheet resistivity of 75 ohm per square. Palladium silicide may be formed when Palladiumfilm is applied as described above and heat treatment is carried out at 625oC in forming gas. A continuous layer of palladium silicide forms, with little interference from the ever present thin layer of SiO2 found on the silicon which has been standing in air. Ohmic contacts may be made to highly doped silicon surfaces while with less highly doped surfaces, one can form Schottky diodes.

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