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Silicafilm 10,000 is similar to Silicafilm with the exception that a thickener has been added to the solution. When applied by spinning a thick glassy layer will form, which must be heated to remove the thickener. After spinning at 3000 rpm the film should be heated at 200oC for 15 minutes in air to densify the film. This heat treatment is followed by heating at 450 - 500oC for one hour in air to remove the thickener by oxidation.

Silicafilm 10,000 etches more rapidly than more conventional SiO2 films. For example, a typical etch rate in 5% HF solution at 25oC is 150 angstroms/sec. for a film heated at 500oC.

Suggested Applications:

Two level Metallization

Silicafilm 10,000 can be used in two level metallization processes in conjunction with standard Silicafilm. When standard Silicafilm is applied over the first layer of metallization and densified at 200oC, it forms a pin hole free film which prevents dendritic growth from the metal (usually aluminum) which results in electrical shorts. The standard Silicafilm yields a layer of SiO2 of 2000 angstroms when spun at 3000 rpm. Silicafilm 10,000 is then applied over the standard SiO2 layer to yield greater separation of the second metal layer from the first layer so as to yield lower capacitative couplings than would occur if only the 2000 angstrom layer were present.

Groove Filling

For various "V" groove processes, one desires to level out the groove for better support for subsequent metallization. Because of its disordered structure, a film of Silicafilm 10,000 will provide such leveling with no cracking.

Ion-implant Masking

For some ion-implant applications where intense beams are required, photo resist masking can prove inadequate especially where narrow line widths are required. Silicafilm 10,000 will prove most useful in these instances. After deposition of the film, thin photo resist layers which offer greater capability of maintaining narrow line widths are used for delineation. The mild etching solution which will remove the Silicafilm 10,000 will then not undercut the photo resist.

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