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TANTALUMFILM is a polymeric solution which when applied by spinning or spraying forms a uniform film. Upon suitable heat treatment, the film is converted to tantalum oxide.

1. Several drops of Tantalumfilm solution are applied to a wafer positioned on the spinning chuck. The spinner is stated and spinning is carried out until a uniform film develops on the wafer. The film thickness will be determined by spin speed, varying inversely with the square root of the spin speed.

2. After spinning the wafer is heat treated at 200oC in air for 1 hour. The resulting film will exhibit the following characteristics:

Film Thickness - 1000 angstroms ( spin speed-3000 rpm)

Index of Refraction - 1.90 at 6200 angstroms

Additional baking at 400oC for 1 hour in air will yield:

Film Thickness - 810 angstroms

The film cured at 200oC will dissolve in 10% HF in 100 seconds. The film cured at 400oC will dissolve in concentrated HF in 20 seconds.

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