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Tinsilicafilm is designed for use as a donor diffusion source in III-V compounds, especially GaAs and GaSb. The source is designed for open tube diffusions in nitrogen or argon ambients.

Suggested Process

The following process is recommended:

1. Spin Speed-1000 rpm for 15 seconds.

2. Bake wafers at 200oC for 15 minutes in air.

3. Diffuse at 850-900oC.

For a 15 minute diffusion at 900oC, one observes a surface concentration of about 1019 atoms/cm3 and a junction depth of 0.2 microns in GaSb. Some surface pitting may be observed. However, this can be eliminated by applying a thin layer of SiO2 prior to application of the Tinsilicafilm. To achieve this, Silicafilm diluted 1:1 with ethyl alcohol is spun over the surface at 3000 rpm and then the wafers are baked at 250oC for 1 hour in air. It will be observed that a layer of Silicafilm 800-1000 angstroms thick is sufficient to protect the surface and minimize surface damage.

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